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German Shepherd Dog Breeders:
Listed are small exclusive breeders whose purpose is to provide high quality German Shepherd Dogs with even temperament. These breeders have a proven track record and are not puppy mills.

Royalair German Shepherds

Genesis Longcoat GSD Kennels

Ayer's Long Coat German Shepherds

Angela Washburn /Vom Landholz GSD's

Grum Majestat German Shepherds

introduces red and black Longhaired German Shepherds direct from Germany. Informative site about raising and training this beautiful and intelligent breed.

Robin Krumm & Royalair German Shepherds:
On November 1, 2000 we welcomed a nine-week old German Shepherd pup, our Gräfin Lucie off an airplane and into our family. She was just perfect – full of energy, curiosity and love. So pleased were we with our pup, that in February 2002 Gräfin’s younger brother, Kaiser Gerhart arrived here on jet airplane to join our family.
Today, the two pups are inseparable. The come and go as a pair. They are competitive, playful, sparring and affectionate. They each possess vastly different personalities, but this is a good thing. They look out for one another, as well as keep a watchful eye out for us. Today, I can truthfully say that we cannot imagine life without both of our German Shepherd Dogs; they in fact help to keep us young.
From this experience, we can without reservation highly recommend Robin Krumm and Royalair German Shepherds to anyone interested in obtaining a high quality, healthy German Shepherd Dog with even temperament. See Robin’s website at:
A viewer to this page will note that I also have links to other breeders of German Shepherd Dogs. The reason for this is that while we thought it prudent to purchase our dogs from Robin, the truth is that there are many reputable breeders of fine German Shepherd Dogs. What is important to us, and to the benefit of the breed, are the small breeders with a proven track record. Breeders who look to provide German Shepherd Dogs that possess an even temperament; that are not “puppy mills”; and where the love of the breed takes precedence over the operation of a business. Links to these breeders of this type are provided above.

ACTIVE DUTY ARMED FORCES PERSONNEL IN IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN NEED YOUR HELP & SUPPORT. Ask just about any veteran of our armed forces what they most looked forward to during deployments; the answer would be almost unanimous in affording MAIL-CALL as a highlight of what in most cases might be a miserable experience. A service man stationed overseas in defense of our country is greatly bolstered by news from home or a letter of support. News from home can be anything from a note, to just a clipping from the paper; a letter of support reinforces a grunt’s commitment to what it is he is fighting for and conveys the premise that what they are doing is making a difference and is appreciated. It can be lonely existence for an individual in the company of others when the individual only rarely receives a card or letter from home. It can be easy to lose focus and question their commitment when little support from home comes their way.
SOLUTION: ( is the website of a non-profit organization run by active duty and retired military personnel with the sole purpose of linking folks at home with active duty members of the armed forced stationed overseas, specifically in Afghanistan and Iraq. The site describes the fact that those in our armed forces overseas have their basic needs met through the services; though sadly, many lack basic support from home. The site gives a venue for the service men (or women) to post their names, their mailing address, and many will post a note telling interested parties their needs. The site instructs the most important and most needed item is just contact with someone at home here in the U.S.A. Those stationed overseas need to know that what they are doing in the service to our country is appreciated. Most meaningful to a soldier, is a simple heart felt letter expressing appreciation and possibly the offer to remember them in prayer. What can you do? Visit the site - ( Write a note of support to a service member overseas. Read about their needs, and if you are inclined to do so, and have the ability, send a care package. Care packages and shipping need not be expensive. Examples of most often requested items include: chips, candy, board games, coffee, snacks, hygiene products, sunscreen, batteries, etc. Regardless of weight or destination, items shipped in the Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes provided by the Postal Service are only $7.70 per box. Please note however, that items sent overseas must be accompanied by the post office Customs Declaration Form 2976-A with an itemized inventory of items shipped.

The following is a listing of sites dedicated to military service dogs and their handlers. Dogs have served honorably through our military’s history. In the conflicts of the 20th and the present 21st centuries, their service has saved the lives of countless servicemen. The dogs have silently stood guard and provided warning of danger and the approach of enemy. The dogs and their handlers walked point; they stood upon the wall to defend our freedoms. They deserve our thanks and our gratitude. These sites are but a few dedicated to preserving the history of their accomplishments and sacrifice.

WAR DOGS – America’s Forgotten Heroes

Vietnam Dog Handler Association

25th & 34th Scout Dog Platoons

39th Scout Dog Platoon

47th Scout Dog Platoon

Charlie Cargo’s Scout Dog pages

The United States War Dog Association

The Quatermasters Museum

The National War Dog Team Memorial

PET FINDER Service site that aids in adopting a pet throughout the United States and Canada. Quite often dogs are given up for adoption through no fault of their own. Many high quality pre-trained and house broken dogs (and cats) can be located through this free service. You can choose breed and specify your location to see available animals. Site will give all particulars on each animal, size, weight, age, training, and familiarity with other pets and children.

Museums of America data base listing

The New Orleans Museum of Art

The Louisiana Watercolor Society

The Brooklyn Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The National Gallery of Art

Geoffrey Robichaux’s Web Design:
I have for some time wanted to establish a website to supplement other venues of promoting my activities as an artist. Late last year (2003) I went shopping to register my domain (what I hoped to be What I found was that the name I wanted was already taken. I checked out and found listed there, a young man, Geoffrey Robichaux (no known relation). I contacted him and soon learned that he was in the business of constructing / creating websites. After several conversations, I contracted with Geoffrey to build my website.
Geoffrey proved to be very conscientious. I also found quickly that he knew his stuff. He patiently guided me through this endeavor even though at times I was asking for things that were not in my site’s best interest (hint here – always use a common font like “Arial” on a website). In short, Geoffrey kept me from making mistakes.
He produced his work in a timely fashion; with a professional manner, and genuinely gave me the distinct impression he was having fun working on my project. I can highly recommend him and his talents to anyone interested. His website is:

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